Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nice Ice

Yesterday we had a slight thaw so the floor in the production hall at work was fairly well covered with pools of water from melting ice and snow from the various bits of metal we had taken in from outside.
This morning most of that water had frozen, and was as slippery as hell. But amongst the icy patches I found this beautiful ice pattern. About 8 inches across, it looks good with the reflected light from an overhead lamp.
The weather is looking like getting a little colder over the next few days, with more snow on the way. So maybe some nice outdoor pictures this weekend. Assuming I can see past the piles of snow that the snowploughs are building up everywhere.

Tomorrow of course is Auld Yöl (Old Christmas as per the Julian calendar). Russia still celebrates Christmas on the 6th of January, and most folk know that. But not everybody knows that the small Shetland island of Foula also celebrates Auld Yöl (I suppose that would be Gamle Jul in Norwegian).
But tomorrow is a rather special day in this household, a day on which Auld Yöl will be observed, and a day on which we'll be flying the flag. Not the Norwegian flag but the Shetland flag.
I'll explain why tomorrow night.

Yun's aa fir enoo.

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