Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to Bobbie Lee Nelson

Born on January 1st 1931, I don't think Bobbie ever thought of fame, and given her gentle nature I don't think she ever wanted fame.
But her brother Willie Nelson was always going to drag his older sister along with him. He's been doing that for many years now, and still introduces her as "Little Sister" at all their live shows worldwide.

OK, so Bobbie is 80 now. Maybe Willie will let her have a little time off?? No chance, she'll never let him. They're a team, and always will be. That's family...And that's what has made Bobbie Nelson and her 'big brother' so loved by all the fans like me who enjoy their shows.
Here's a pic I pinched from a great Willie Nelson fan's site,,, hope you don't mind Linda Lee.

With Bobbie now at the sedate and relaxed, supposedly, age of 80. And Willie at 77. Surely there is some grain of logic which states that it's time for these two 'old folk' to retire.
This question has been asked of Willie before, and the answer was something like: "Retire from what? I play some golf, sing a few songs. What's there to retire from?"

Another great picture (pinched from of Willie, Bobbie, and their great friend Paul English.
When you see folk smile like that because they enjoy being on the road, and in each other's company, you just know they will never retire.
Here's a little video from the Langesund show this year. Willie singing 'Me and Paul', but as usual 'Little Sister' was very hard to catch on video since she's always hiding behind her piano.

As usual I've written more than I meant to. But it's hard to say what you want about a living legend in few words....
Or, maybe I got it right with the title of the post,,
"Happy Birthday to Bobbie Lee Nelson"

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