Saturday, April 23, 2011

Summer is here.... Hip, Hip Hooray.....

Slowly but surely Summer crawled out of the fog this morning..

I was up early, before 7am actually, looked out the door, and all was grey. Early morning mist, which decided to become late morning mist, and with a temperature of about 6C.
But as the sun rose higher the mist was burned off and I made a conscious decision that it was time for me to wake from my winter hibernation and do a couple of small jobs outdoors.
First was to take apart a wooden grating which had originally been in the bottom of our shower and had been left outside until I got round to salvaging the boards for future use. (Shetlanders never waste wood).

Because of where the wooden structure had been leaning against the wall it had attracted a few squatters. Although I don't know if squatters is the right term, since they actually had their own houses with them, on their backs..... Yup, snails.
I quickly came up with a plan for them.. A snail race. (I tried the same thing last year)
Here they are lined up for the start.. Note, I put the ones with the go-faster stripes in front, since stripes on cars are supposed to make them faster...
Due to a complete failure of macro photography, and the fact that William Hill refused to offer decent odds on the outcome of the race, there are no more photos of this event.. But let me assure you that if you see somebody with stripes on their car.... It's just for show, or they maybe have a very small 'cubic capacity'. :D

The sun got hot enough during the afternoon that I erected the 'parasol' above the 'Reekerie Ooterie' (outdoor smoking area, for anybody that hasn't read my crap before).
And I settled down beneath it's shade for a relaxing beer. My first 'Garden Beer' this year.
OK... I can see what's wrong with that picture as well.. But the glass is the right size. :D
I had a wander around with the camera in the late afternoon and took a series of pics over the fjord, one of which is now my header picture, because it had a fast boat in it. Here's a slightly slower version of the same picture.
So, all in all a nice day for the first day of Summer...
Summer means gardening... The plant in this picture had been in a pot which was broken by frost. The bush survived, and rather than bung it in a pot again we decided to give it a decent burial. Not easy when there is only 5cm of soil, but after a bit of time a hole was dug, some words were said (not nice ones I hasten to add), and the 'mystery seedling' was laid to rest within 10cm of the point designated by 'her who has the garden planned'.
I think there could be more posts on this 'grand gardening master plan' in the future. Assuming I can understand/can translate/can tolerate what I'm being told to do.....

yun's aa fir enoo.
Mair sharn anidder nicht.
:D :D

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  1. 2 hours non-stop grass cutting last night for me. Not fun! Next for us is a fire pit, but it looks like we've had summer now, it's grey and raining LOL