Sunday, April 3, 2011

Music post... A true classic

As usual on a Saturday night I end up watching music videos on Youtube.
Mostly I'm searching for Willie Nelson videos. But sometimes I search for Johnny Cash. And tonight I found this one from one of Johnny's 1970 TV shows.
Johnny Cash and Burl Ives. Both American legends. But on the same stage,,,, just magic. Enjoy.

Sorry if my posts have been a bit few and far between lately, but there just isn't much happening here, and the weather has been absolute crap.
But there is a big event happening on Monday. A 21st birthday celebration for one of the nicest members of the family. I think I can safely say that she's the only female member of the family which has never given me any real problems or grief.
So check back on Monday to see which one of my women I'm talking about. ;)

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  1. The support at a gig I was at the other night said that Traditional Shetland music was Country. Amazing how popular it is up here. Love Johnny Cash.