Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Summer is coming,,, fast..

After weeks and weeks of miserable weather, there is hope at last.
Yesterday was yet another day when it was so wet that the sparrows, who are keen to get on with their mating, were just sitting around under the bushes, sheltering from the rain, and picking hopelessly at anything they thought might be dry enough for nesting material.
We are on holiday from the work just now for Easter, so I was available to run the wife to the hospital at Ă…lesund yesterday for an appointment. I had hoped to get a few pictures worth posting during the trip, but as usual the weather said NO!.
Me and Jeemie did a little bit of shopping at Moa while Trowie was terrorizing her doctor. Kinda glad she wasn't with us for two reasons. Firstly, one more person in that damned shopping centre and it would have burst at the seams. Secondly, like most wives, she's a pain in the butt when it comes to shopping. :D :D 
On the way home the weather started to clear up and by early evening, although the clouds were still hanging down to about 500 metres, there was a glimpse of sunshine on the mountains in the distance.
Today the temperature slowly crept up to 14.7C, the rain stayed away for a change, and the flowers and birds are starting to behave like they should at this time of year.
It's fine to be able to wander out in the garden at night now with just a light jacket on. Especially when there has been enough sunshine to charge up the solar lights along our garden path.
Hopefully the next pictures I post will be of our first Daffodils... Maybe tomorrow...

Yun's aa fir enoo.

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