Monday, March 29, 2010


I think I stupidly posted that Spring was here. Well I thought it was until I opened the door this morning, and saw this:
It's snowed most of the day, but thankfully the snow isn't accumulating. It's just a few centimetres, so no problem, unless it snows all night, now that the temperature is almost zero again.

We went to Moa, the big shopping centre near Ålesund today.
She who must be obeyed told me that I needed some new clothes. What is this thing that women have about shopping??? Actually all I needed was some new trousers and shirts for work, but for some reason, which I find hard to understand, she thinks that my butt has to look good in working trousers. Why? I wear a boilersuit anyway. :)
I have to admit that I desperately needed new trousers, following a gaseous incident last week when the result was a hole, and a cold draft in the rear. Must stop eating beans..

On the way to Moa, which is about 56km away, we passed through Skorgedalen where there had been several avalanches with the heavy snow recently. The visibility was crap or I would have got pictures. 1000 metres of devastation to a mountainside, when snow decides to slip, is an impressive sight. If the weather is right tomorrow we're going skiing, which means going that way again, so hopefully pics then.

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