Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mountains, Skis, and a sore behind.

Since it was such a beautiful day, we headed to the mountains. On the way I got a picture of one of the avalanche sites in Skorgedalen. It's easy to see where all the trees have been torn away. This avalanche was one of the ones which closed the road through Skorgedalen during the recent snow.

We then headed up to Ørskogfjellet to strap on the skis.
Nothing ambitious, just a little bit of cross country skiing.
I was doing well going uphill, after all it was just a gentle slope, and the view was stunning.

But, thanks to the law of gravity, which states that 'whatever goes up must come down', it was time to try back down this gentle slope.

I was doing reasonably well for an old fart. I managed to stay on my feet some of the time.
Did I mention gravity? Well gravity obviously has little or no respect for me so I had to make use of my primary braking system.
I now find sitting on my primary braking system slightly uncomfortable. Whoever said that snow is soft was a lier.

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