Sunday, March 21, 2010

Påske Tree

Påske (Easter) is almost upon us, and in the true Norwegian style that any excuse for a holiday is a good one, I have 10 days holiday from work, starting next Friday.
This is all very well for people who don't like working, but for me it's a pain in the butt. Or so I thought. I now will have the excitement of seeing a Påske Tree grow,... Honest, I'm told it works, but I'm having a damned hard time believing it.
Today while we were out for a walk, the significant other half took cuttings from Birch trees, and once we were home she put them in water, hung decorated eggs all over the arrangement, and with a smug grin said "Wait and see".
Well here's the picture of the scantily clad tree, as it is just now. Watch this spot... Lord knows there is just a chance that miracles do happen about Easter time. ;)

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