Friday, March 19, 2010

Damned Weather.....

Well the thaw came, and with it the obligatory day of absolute pissing rain.
So 50cm of snow has been reduced to 10cm in about 24 hours, and the temperature managed to get as high as 9C today, which should mean that spring has come. In fact, couple that with the fact that various forms of plant life have the same idea, then it could be fair to assume that spring is here.
Norway has a great ability to surprise people, and not least by it's weather. In the time I've been here I've been shocked by as much as 20C difference within 24 hours, the shocking part of which is knowing what to wear on any given day. Just imagine going out in the morning with long underwear on, then sweating so much in the afternoon that you wished you didn't have any underwear on.

Anyway, enough about weather until the next time it shocks me.

Work, now there's a horrible word. But since I escaped from the clutches of the medical profession, after 6 weeks of radiotherapy, I've been struggling to get my relaxed muscles (fat) back in shape. The first week or two back at work I suffered from terrible spaegie (that's a Shetland word for aching muscles), so I had to find some way to get back in shape. The simple solution was when the foreman asked if I fancied a little bit of overtime..
Well who wants to pay to go to a gym and get fit from pumping metal, when my job involves arguing with big lumps of metal all day, so off course I said yes, and the result has been a lot of 12 hour days, a lot of spaegie, but I'm feeling better for it. And incidentally so is the bank balance.
And saving money is a big thing for me at the moment since there is a trip planned in June to enjoy 2 Willie Nelson shows. One in London, and the other in some place near Oslo which I can't pronounce never mind spell, but it's roughly in the area of Porsgrund, and everybody who has ever had a pee in Norway will know the Porsgrund name, since it's stamped on most porcelain products here.

Onywye (anyway)
Mair sharn eftir (more sh**e later)

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