Sunday, May 15, 2011


Reflections is a good title for this post.
Mainly because, reflecting on the amount of beer and wine I consumed last night, my bladder made a very definite decision that I should get out of bed at 6am this morning. I'm glad that I had to get up early since it was a stunning morning. Here's a few pictures which explain without words why I love this place.

I actually took 2 shots of the last picture. One with the camera upside down. And flicking between the two images on the computer was fun to see how little difference there was. It's not often that water is seen so calm. And from the point of view of a Shetlander it is a total rarity.
The second last image above is one of a series I took. I stitched them together with a program called Panorama Maker 3, and here's the result.
That image is from 4 pictures which the program spliced together. It still amazes me how good that bit of software is,,, and it's a free download, so google it now. ;)

Not much else happening just now. The wife has become interested in the garden again,,, (grumble, curse, damn),, which meant a visit to the local plantie crub (I can't remember what the English word is,,, but it's where you buy plants) yesterday. I was just driving, since I'm too scared of Bees to venture into one of those places again. I damned near had a heart attack when we visited one last year.
Anyway, a car load of seedlings are sitting ready for planting. And at this moment they are being copiously watered by nature.

We're having a long weekend just now, since Tuesday 17th, is Norway's National Day. I'd rather be working tomorrow, but I have to admit that I'm really impressed with the national spirit that exists in Norway around this time. So I'll just go with the flow, enjoy the break, let my aching old bones heal a bit, and be very proud on Tuesday to be staying in this fantastic country.
Maybe a few pictures then, if this damned rain stops..

yun's aa fir enoo

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