Monday, May 9, 2011

Ants,,,, It's that time of year again :(

These little buggers appear about this time every year.. Sometimes in small numbers, and sometimes by the thousands, if not millions.. They're harmless, and fun to watch.
Apart from a few hundred which have been sucked into the dust-buster (to feed the odd wasp that suffers the same fate), we've not had too much trouble with them this year.
It's always amusing to see what they're up to, and tonight I caught them in an extremely busy state on one of our small trees. Every emerging blossom on the tree had ants busy eating/harvesting.
They were running along every twig.

There seemed to be a basic traffic control system in operation, with the up traffic staying well clear of the down traffic.
I just hope that these ones which were coming down the tree,
were heading for the wife's underwear drawer....

That would give me a chance for a real 'wild' life post ;).

Nothing much else going on here.. Had a lovely walk along the voe yesterday, temperature about 23C. Today the thermometer hit 27C, not the best for working with hot metal, wearing heavy overalls.

yun's aa fir enoo.

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