Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The last week....

I just never seem to find the time to post at the moment, and there's not a helluva lot going on anyway.
But this last weekend, on the 1st of May, I churned over yet another year on the calendar of life. .. 54 now :(

May 1st is a flag flying day in Norway. The Norwegian flag is flown proudly, and rightly so, on most houses. But our house was a bit different, we flew the Shetland flag for my birthday. I'm not really sure which flag I have most pride in. I would like to think that I can honour the land of my birth, but with the disastrous state that Shetland is getting itself into, I can see a time coming very soon when I will hide the Shetland flag in a bottom drawer and proudly fly the Norwegian Flag on my birthday.
Anyway, here's possibly the last time a Shetland flag will fly in Vestnes. Even the shop flags in the background are more honest. ;)
Rant over. ;)
The garden is coming along nicely.... And by the way, I forgot to mention that all these pictures are taken with the fantastic new Canon 550D camera which Peerie Trowie gave me for my birthday....

 Tulips and Daffodils. Interesting, but not as nice as scenery. So we went for a run around Tresfjord on Sunday afternoon. Including a run up to the head of the valley at √ėvstedalen.
 We were just pottering around and enjoying the sunshine, and 20C temperature.
This small river looked nice.
 And check out the stone arch on this bridge.
 Here's a view from the east side of Tresflord, looking through the valley of Skorgedalen.
 From the same point looking towards home, with the shipyard I work in left of centre.
 And a view back into the head of Tresfjord.
 It was a lovely day, as birthdays go, apart from being older. But I thought I'd mark the occasion by letting the wife take a birthday portrait of me, using my new camera.
These cameras now come with all sort of added gizmos, but they ain't figured out how to make a Trowie hold the damned thing level yet. LOL..  Maybe in a few hundred years time, when historical analysts are reviewing old images, this tilted picture effect will become known as the 'Trowie Syndrome'
But. I wouldn't change the image, because I wouldn't change her. So I'll just lean a little, and go with the flow.. LOL

Yun's aa fir enoo..

Doctors gave me the all clear again today.... Me very happy

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