Saturday, July 30, 2011

A visit to Molde

We eventually got a half decent day of weather on Wednesday so we took a run over to Molde on the Hurtigbåt (water taxi). Some sources, such as Wikipedia, call Molde a City. But when you see the town dwarfed by a cruise liner you have to believe that those sources are wrong. :D
We wandered out to the main shopping area. Me, son, and daughter. I was really scarred how much my daughter would invade my wallet, but for once she showed some remarkable restraint, for a 10 year old.
I know this picture is squint, but my software for fixing pics ain't working just now. It's just a little flavour of the town.
After the shopping bit we wandered back into the town centre. Central to the town is the Muckle Kirk (Big Church), or to give it it's correct title 'Domkirken' (Cathedral). The building was completed about 1957, and is very unusual because the spire/bell tower is completely separated from the main building.
 The interior is fairly plain in comparison to some British Cathedrals. (Note the model ship hanging just right of centre. Nobody can tell me why every church in Norway has a model like this.)
But the ceiling is stunning, and extremely unusual.
 I took the picture of the outside of the Church from the roof of the town house. Here's the view from there down to the harbour.
Next stop was for a few pictures of the new Jazz House which is being built just along the road.
To me this is a fascinating structure.
It's being built in multiple levels into the face of the natural slope of the town. Due to be finished next year, it makes a similar project in Shetland look even more stupid. Have a look at the pictures, then I'll tell you why.
It's costing less than the 'Mareel' project in Shetland, has twice the capacity, will be finished on time, has almost no public opposition, is designed to fit into it's surroundings, and most importantly will actually make a profit. Of course Shetland readers of this will make excuses that they have a small population, etc.., etc.. Wrong, population about the same,,, but this venture in Molde hasn't got the Shetland Islands Council to bugger it up.... RANT over. :D

After a bit more walking my daughter complained that she was getting tired and needed to sit down. Although there is a reasonable amount of seating available in the town, often in very scenic areas, I spotted the best seating area available and made a bee line for it... The 'Dockside' pub on the pier.
 A truly brilliant establishment which has a nice view of the town centre.
 But it has one very serious fault..... It sells what can only be described as the worst beer in Norway,,, Dahls,,, It might look good on a warm day, but looks are all it's got going for it.
And, whilst on the subject of very watery things. I took this picture the other day of one of our garden weeds, which for some strange reason holds on to water droplets as if they were gem stones in a setting.
 And, again, whilst on the subject of water. I took this image of Mary from just beyond the range of her water cannon...
Must get her to use that on the car tomorrow. Maybe it will clear the bird poop.

Next post will be about a delightful visit to the Ålesund aquarium yesterday. Look out for that tomorrow,, or later today,, depending which time zone you're in.

yun's aa fir enoo.


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