Friday, July 22, 2011

Holiday, part 1

We returned from holiday in Shetland yesterday, after a week of predictably shi**y weather.
I have a few nice pictures, which still need to be sorted through, but here's a few beauties which I took at the start of our flight from Vigra (Ålesund Airport), to Flesland (Bergen Airport).
Firstly, part of the island of Vigra.
 Part of Ålesund. The main harbour area is just out of shot at the bottom of the picture.
 The next 2 shots are just nice, so I won't try to look at the map to name the mountains.

 I'll sort some more tomorrow and perhaps use the map to add location information to the images.
Time is a bit limited since I've got my little princess staying with us for the next 2 weeks. I just had to add this picture of her posing for the camera. (Actually she thought I was pointing the camera at her sister. This is just cropped out of the bottom corner of an 18 megapix image.)
Yun's aa fir enoo. Mair sharn da moarn.

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