Saturday, March 5, 2011

Random images from today...

Winter has returned. It's been snowing a little bit for most of the day.
Only about 7cm (3 inches) so far, but hopefully a lot more over night.
Our Reekerie Ooterie (smoking area) looks a tad chilly tonight.
And my little bronze Squirrel looks like he is rolling a snowball.
Me and the wife were treated to a meal out in the local restaurant tonight, courtesy of my son Jeemie. Kebabrull (Kebab wrap) is always a brilliant feed, and very cheap. I hear so many folk saying that eating out in Norway is expensive, but it isn't really, if you know where to go...  The Milano in Vestnes is an eatery I would highly recommend to anyone.
Anyway, back home we lit a few candles before the door to make things look a bit warmer.
Then we retired to the couch for our regular Saturday night TV hour.
The Saturday night TV thing has become a serious habit in this house, after I introduced the wife to "Heartbeat" and "The Royal"., both of which are brilliant TV series, and which were being shown on NRK1.
Sadly Heartbeat came to an end, after roughly 18 years. But I hatched a cunning plot and started buying the wife the DVD box sets at Christmas. SO we have many Saturday nights to enjoy the antics of Claude Jerimiah Greengrass.

As usual I'm rambling.
But, before I end, I just had to add this picture which I took on the way back from the restaurant tonight.
This picture is just for my dear little sister who has been having some trouble with doors in her house recently.

Well sis, the damned things are just lying around on the sidewalk here... ;) ;)

yun's aa fir enoo.


  1. hehe I'm from 'Heart Beat' country :o)

    I'm missing the snow now, guess there's still time for us to get some more but not to Norway standards :o(

  2. The forecast is for us to get some of that white stuff from about Wednesday onwards - not entirely good for the SMUHA.

  3. Kozetland1,
    Our forecast is showing a good chance of a colder spell as well. A bit of snow might make for some nice SMUHA pictures, as long as it's not too much. I'm looking forward to the pics.

    I've driven through Heartbeat country a few times, it's beautiful, but maybe a bit rough on the hill tops in winter. Guess that's why you don't mind the Shetland weather too much. :)