Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hair today.... Cold head tomorrow..

Did you honestly expect a sensible post on a Saturday night??

Every winter thanks to the cold we get here I let my hair grow, where it can.
Eventually , about the time that the weather is taking a turn for the better, I decide to revert to my Summer plumage. But only at the stage where I have achieved the Albert Einstein appearance.
So tonight we got the clippers out. This time the job was done by my son who, unlike the wife, managed to get it done without too much hilarity.
Here's the ''after'' shot.
And, just in case the weather isn't going to get as warm as I hope, here's the precautionary interim measure that will keep the old brain cell warm.
 The woolen cap, (Toorie in Shetland dialect), (Lue in proper Norwegian), or (Hue in the dialect of this region of Norway), should keep me warm. Thanks to Shetland Heat Energy and Power for supplying such a thermal  device. Cheers Neville. :) :)

And, just for fans of the original Star Trek series. Do you remember the episode called "The Trouble With Tribbles"?
Well this should be a reminder.
Yes, it looks like a Tribble.
And I have to admit that only the grey hairs in that pile are mine. The boy had a haircut tonight as well.

yun's enyoch sharn fir da nicht.


  1. HAHAHAHA you look like the mad scientist in the first picture. Mary nearly fell over laughing.

  2. I remember the Tribbles, thanks for that....
    I normally shave my beard once afew months out in the yard, lots of ginger mini tumble weeds. The birds take them and use them for nesting, or use them as earplugs when I start singing along to my own radio show. James T Kirk wrestling with a Rasmie Family furball, some cat!!!