Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunshine,,, and more sunshine..

With an area of high pressure sitting right over us we have wall to wall sunshine. Maybe the temperature is a bit on the low side, but that's more than made up for with the beautiful scenery.
I had a little wander round with the camera in the early afternoon.
I didn't think this first picture was worth a mention until I noticed the stones in the foreground.
Next I found was evidence of an animal which had been playing in the snow. I thought it might have been an Otter, but the wife says they are rare here, and it's more likely to have been a Mink.
 Here's a beautiful shot looking south over the marina.
It's only about 4 weeks ago that the sun was setting behind the hill to the left of this scene.
The moon was high in a clear blue sky for this shot over to Vikebukt
Looking towards home over the marina, the mirror image in the water was lovely
Eventually the sun set on a beautiful day, for the second time. It had previously dipped behind Remmemstind, but showed up again for this shot, which came out rather poorly.
There's starting to be a bit of warmth from the sun, thankfully. The temperature never got above zero today, and now it's dropping quickly, with our thermometer showing -6C just now.

yun's aa fir enoo.


  1. Gales, gales, gales here...and rain

    Lovely pictures. Don't get a kodak like mine. Cursing the day I ever thought to sell my DSLR

    Glad to hear the results BTW, wouldn't let me post comments the other day...

  2. Yes Elisabeth. It's a beautiful place.

    And Kev you can just keep the glaes and rain on your side of the North Sea lol.