Thursday, February 3, 2011

Old Picture.... Can you spot me????

Sometimes history has a way of crawling out of a corner and giving you a little prod, just to show that you can't forget your past. Old pictures are the best example of that.
My little sister has been trawling through the family photos recently, and worst of all the old 'class photos'.
She found this one, which was from my first year at school.
Can you spot me????
Here's a recent picture as a clue. (only 49 years of wear and tear, but I can see no difference).
God, I feel old... Must go to bed and dream of younger times.


  1. Are you in the middle row second from right sanding next to the kid that looks like Uncle Jim.

  2. Nope, you're wrong.. That's John Goudie.. :)

  3. I say you are on the bottom row first on the left. Mum says you are in the middle row second from left. Mary says you are in the middle row first on the left. Is any of them guesses correct????

  4. Bottom row, first left, is,,, (I canna mind his name from Brew).
    Middle row, 2nd from left, is Ian Henderson I think.
    Middle row, 1st on left, is Drew Ridland..

    Keep guessing...

  5. Whooopppeee... Give that girl a prize... :D :D
    Jim is top left, next to Lizzie (teacher).

  6. Ooops, wrong,, Jim is 2nd from left, 1st from left is Ronald Irvine. :D