Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mountains v Coca Cola, which is coolest?

Really just a few random images from the last few days.
We've had a mini ice age here this week which gave me the chance for these lovely shots though clear air of 'our mountains', which lie just south of Vestnes.
The highest one in this shot is called "Ystetind", and the little peak to it's left is "Litletind".
This one is called "Remmemstind"
Those mountains look really 'cool' just now, but maybe not as COOL!!! as the bottle of Coke which I left sitting in the production hall overnight.... The temperature was -12C when we got to work this morning. And guess what,,,,, it had solidified. So I just had to set it on it's head for this picture, before I dunked it in a sink of hot water to thaw it a bit. After which it was a nice Coke Slushy.
It certainly looked 'cooler' than Jeemie's bottle of Fanta..

yun's aa fir enoo.