Sunday, June 26, 2011


So far this summer the weather hasn't exactly been nice, but since the wife bought that damned hose the garden has had plenty of watering.. Not from the hose, I hasten to add.
Most of the flowers are coming along nicely now but my favourite flower in the garden is a very small wild one called 'Maria Gullsko', which translates roughly as 'Mary's Golden Shoe'. It's a beauty, and my youngest daughter is called Mary, hence the reason I think it's special.

One of our bushes is now fully in bloom, and it actually looks like it's got snow on it.
Here's a close up of the flowers,, there are millions of them....
The other flowers and roses are also starting to look good.

And, as seen in the last picture, the ants are everywhere.

And finally. Nothing to do with the garden, but I had to sneak this picture in somewhere.... An early picture of my wife, when she really was a Peerie Trowie... British readers will know what I mean when  I mention the 'Deardrie Barlow' glasses. ;)
yun's aa fir enoo.

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  1. We will, we will rock you...

    When I get tired of the music from Katholmen, I can close my door and windows. Then I hear nothing. Good to live in a new house nights like this, well soundproofed ;-) After one week in the centre, I just love to live here. Everything so close, good and bad...

    Have a nice weekend, with or without earplug.